June 15, 2022 10:05 am

The part of a property that landlords often overlook when renovating is of course the garden.  According to TV property expert Phil Spencer you can add as much value to a house as an extra room by renovating a garden space.

This is far more cost effective than internal improvements and has the benefit of also improving the unquantifiables when you are renting.

Void periods between tenants, is the family renting your property more likely to move to a new place if the garden is poorly kept?  The answer is of course yes, could you ever calculate the value of that top your bottom line accurately? Of course no.

When it comes to the end of the year and potential rent increases, they will run more smoothly, the tenant you get will likely be a higher quality one that will look after the house more.

But it's a win win situation for both tenant and landlord mostly in terms of longevity.

If you think about it the logic is clear, the sort of tenant that would want to rent a house with a poor;y kept garden might not be the sort of tenant to look after the house and they could move on quite quickly when they find one with a more usable outside space.

Phil Spencer stars in Location Location Location and was speaking on the MoveIQ property podcast.

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