HMO Management

Specialist HMO Management For Busy Landlords

Great Tenant Find For Your HMO Is KEY!

Because we have been running HMO's for the past 6 years, we not only understand what is takes to fully manage a shared house, but understand the process of making every tenancy a smooth one.

Our number one priority is finding the perfect tenants who are suitable for your property and the other tenants living there.

This means one that not only are the prospective tenant vetted and referenced thoroughly, but we make sure that we meet everyone in person, with the first instance beginning with a phone call.

Finding a great person is vital for the atmosphere and flow of any shared house, after all, it is everyone's home and we like to make sure that great people who will get along are placed together.

What Can I Expect?
Property Confidence

We will help to ensure that your property meets our high standards before we begin the process of advertising.
That way,  you can be sure to only attract the right tenants who will respect your property, and peace of mind that we will take care of it for you.

Marketing Results

Our in house marketing team are  a whizz when it comes to marketing and making sure that your rooms are being seen on all of the right channels to attract potential tenants as quick as possible, because we know full rooms are happy rooms.
Our sales teams are onhand evenings and weekends tenant finding.

Hands On Management

We will always handle everything for you and give you regular updates. Our specialist management teams communicate with tenants 24/7, have a dedicated cleaning and maintenance team to keep your property in tip top condition.

Thorough Inspections

You can be sure that any issues, no matter how minor will be spotted early on.
Our Property Managers have a keen eye for inspections and always ensure that everything is checked thoroughly, from pipes to drains, to sockets, to the more detailed little things that could cause issues and financial outlay later down the line.


Legislation and compliancing is constantly moving, and so do we. Our specialist teams are experts in the field of legislation and compliancing and can help ensure that all of your properties and legislations are upto date and compliant with the latest legislations.

Practical Maintenance Costs

No one likes to be stung when it comes to maintenance costs, and this exactly why we have our own in houses maintenance teams to keep costs low and maintenance issues dealt with swiftly. We will always keep you informed of maintenance issues and costs beforehand.

Mindful Tenant Selection

We are always mindful of the energy dynamics when choosing new tenants for a room. It is important for the whole house that we take into consideration the type of tenant that we are looking for compared to the tenants already in situ so that the balance is even and everyone is happy.

Happy Tenants

We strive to provide and excellent service that our tenants love. They know that they contact us at any time and they will always have an answer to any question. We are courteous and always let them know when we are coming for inspections, viewings etc so not to surprise them.

Why Choose Somerset Lettings to Manage Your HMO?

If you are looking for an experienced team to take care of your investments and tenants - we can help!

With the help of our specialist HMO services, landlords across Somerset are able to free up their own time, know they are kept up to date, compliant and paid on time.

As a Landlord, you will know that the work involved in the managing of HMO properties, considerably more than managing a single let in terms of specialist advertising, tenant find and vetting, management of multiple tenancies and staying on top of the forever changing compliancing.

We know that as a busy HMO landlord, one of the many downfalls we hear is having to keep on top of the tenant find, compliancing, repairs and maintenance, whilst chasing tenants for rent each month, keeping on top of who has paid and who has not can be a timely event, especially if you have a portfolio of properties.

In today's modern times, we are seeing an increase in the volume of tenants who are looking for the ease and cost effectiveness alternative to private house renting.

Shared homes continues to be a modern day approach to renting, for professionals and students, and one that is fast becoming a sound property investment for landlords and investors alike.

How Do HMO Differ From Single Lets?

If you are new to the world of HMO,  you will find that there are a number of differences when it comes to tenant finding when compared to single lets.

When it comes to marketing, we find that the mainstream portals such as Zoopla are not effective for HMO tenant finding, we need to use Spareroom and Openrent, these are the best go to websites for finding great tenants looking for co sharing properties.

Tenancy deposits are also lower than a usual property rent. For HMO's, we always ask for a deposit of £250 - £400, this is then stored in a Government backed Tenancy deposit account and is refundable upon the tenant leaving the room clean and without rent arrears.

We Cover All The Basics

  • Transparency -  Our business is built on fantastic relationships, outstanding service and full transparency. There are no hidden fees or prices, we will always keep you informed and in the picture.
  • Perfectly Placed Marketing - When it comes to marketing, we know how and where to place your adverts so that your rooms are in front of the right customers at the right time.
  • Dedicated Property Manager - Our HMO Property Managers are the best at what they do. We always inspect properties on handover and ensure that they are presentable, thoroughly complete so there are no last minute niggles that cause tenant issues later on, such as bathroom hooks, garden waste, leaky pipes etc,  and ready to house their new tenants.Our Property Managers are on hand 24/7 to answer questions and queries from tenants, fix maintenance issues fast, keep you updated on everything and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • No Stone Unturned - Every potential tenant goes through a series of meetings and greetings  with us before seeing a room. We have an in depth conversation, finding out about them and their lifestyle requirements, then they go through further questioning with our viewings expert face to face to get a good handle on the type of person they are, their presentability, and finding out more about them before we offer them a room and begin the legal checking requirements.

Property HMO Management Services & Fees

  • Free Tenancy Transfers
  • Property Set Up Fee: £300 (taken from first months rent)
  • Management Fee: 10%
  •  Marketing empty rooms @£30

  • Free Local Expert Valuation
  • Free Property Consultation
  • Property Deep Cleaned If Required
  • Compliance Checks & Certificates Organised
  • Full Marketing of Property On Various Channels
  • Manage Leads
  • Potential Tenants Pre Qualified 
  • Viewings Booked & Managed
  • Potential Tenants Fully Referenced, Credit Checked Etc
  • Legally Binding AST
  • Full Inventory Prepared
  • Notify Service Companies of User Change
  • Meet, Greet & Walk Through
  • Deposit Lodged With TDS
  • Maintenance & Repairs Organised On Instruction
  • Tenancy Renewals Free If Tenancy Checks Not Required
  • Property Termination Process
  • Monitor Monthly Rents & Payments For Landlord Accounts

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