Rent Guarantee Cover

Award-winning Cover Rent Protection

Providing Landlords With Peace Of Mind And Valuable Back-Up

As a landlord and property owner, one of the biggest worries we worry about is our tenants missing rent payments, leaving us with outgoings and no incomings.

Deciding to let your property should not come with the stress of missed payments should something happen to your tenants' personal circumstances, with the added stress of today's changing economy it is an invaluable choice to be adding rental cover to your monthly rental.

Unfortunately, the previous years since the pandemic and with the changing economy have made us change the way in which we do things as landlords and letting agents. The pain that comes when tenants stop paying their rent is not a nice feeling and so we had to change the way in which we do things here.

Peace Of Mind For Your Investment.

Firstly, as well as our 2-step referencing system - all leads that come through are pre-vetted, this helps us from the start to weed out the potential tenants who do not qualify due to affordability etc, we also use an external referencing system that deep dives into the tenant's background, credit checks, work, affordability etc and this in hands work with the rent guarantee insurance company Goodlord.

Any potential tenant that does not qualify through the referencing checks for rent guarantee insurance does not get accepted. It is hard, but it has been a great success in terms of no voids and great tenants.

Have You Got Peace of Mind with Rent Protection & Legal Expenses Cover?

Since the pandemic it, we have seen more and more landlord protecting their assets for certainly that should their tenant fall on hard times, they have the protection to ensure that they always get paid.

As part of our full management service, we offer all of landlords award winning Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Cover, from as little as £29/month, you will have:

Rent Protection

Rent Protection that will payout until vacant possession with a continued pay out of 75% of the rental payments for up to 2 months after vacant possession. This covers the landlord against risk of the tenant not paying their rent, breaching their agreement or damaging the property.

Rent Recovery

In the eventuality of your tenant not paying rent, our rent recovery team will pursue the tenants on your behalf to recover the outstanding rent from them.

Nil Excess

Rent Protection and Legal Expenses Insurance policies from Goodlord come with nil excess as standard, so landlords will benefit from 100% of
the monthly rent owed until vacant possession is obtained, should they need to make a claim.

Property Damage

Should a property sustain physical damage of £1,000 or more during the tenancy caused by the tenant, we’ll cover the expenses for pursuit of
a civil dispute against the tenant, to rectify the damage.

Eviction of Tenants or Squatters

If your tenants are unable to meet the requirements of their tenancy agreement or squatters are living in your property without consent, will be evicted and our team will manage the legal proceedings.

Up To £100,000 Legal Expense Cover

We’ll pay rent arrears whilst a tenant or ex-tenant still occupies the property until vacant possession is obtained. After which, we’ll continue to pay 75% of the rent until the property is re-let for a maximum of two months. We’ll also cover the costs and expenses of recovering rent from a tenant or ex-tenant, if the rent has been overdue for at least one month.

Contract Disputes

Our policy will cover against costs and expenses relating to the dispute of a contract, entered into for the buying or hiring of any goods and services relating to the landlord’s property, providing the amount in dispute is over £100 and the agreement was entered into during the period of insurance.

90 Day Claim Window

We offer a 90-day claim window, providing plenty of time to organise a claim from the date of the first rental payment missed by a tenant, with nil excess in the first 45 days and a one month excess for the remaining. Our claims process is really simple and all communications to the landlord are sent automatically, when a claim is submitted.


Our policies are set to auto-renew as standard, so you don’t have to worry about the arduous task of finding new policies for properties when the policy ends, you can continue to provide landlords with consistent service and peace of mind.


We partner with DAS Insurance UK to underwrite the policy and provide an insurance policy you can trust. DAS has been giving customers legal help for over 40 years, and became one of the pioneers in the United Kingdom for legal expenses cover. In 2018 alone, DAS underwrote seven million policies or individuals, and continues to provide market- leading customer service.


Our Rent Protection and Legal Expenses policy is directly linked to our referencing criteria. A tenant must have passed, conditionally passed, or have an acceptable guarantor for a Rent Protection and Legal Expenses policy to be available on the property. Our criteria for referencing is made up of four components: identification, residential history, income, and affordability.

Whether you are one of our landlords, or you self manage, e are happy to arrange tenant referencing and rent guarantee insurance for you. Please do contact us below and we will discuss keeping your rent safe.